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About the Maine Physician Hospital Organization

Maine Physician Hospital Organization

Maine Physician Hospital Organization (Maine PHO) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to share services and support the activities of its local members. The member PHOs came together to take advantage of the pooling of support resources while providing the advantages of a broad and integrated network of providers. While payers have the option to contract with the member PHOs or the individual practices, they often chose the MPHO as a more economical way to negotiate risk sharing agreements. The work on contracting has now been joined with an increasing emphasis on supporting clinical/quality improvement, implementation of technology, improving communications, and employer based health programs. These initiatives have supported the members in meeting the expectations of the employers in the region for demonstrable quality performance and improvement. They have also provided the basis for increasing integration among Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and the PHOs.

The member PHOs of the Maine PHO are Kennebec Regional Health Alliance, MMC Physician-Hospital Organization and St. Mary's Health System. Each member PHO has three representatives on the Board of Directors: a local PHO physician Board member, a local PHO administrative Board member, and an at large board member.

Maine PHO Board Members (pdf)

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